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So I stopped by the old law school today. I wish I wasn't in an internet cafe so I could post the picture I took. I guess I came around the backside of the building b/c there is a vacant lot next to the law school building with a broken fence, overgrown weeds, and graffiti all along the stone wall that is shared with the law school building. So, bad news is there is no free internet anywhere in this town. My best bet is to subscribe to internet when I find a flat to rent and then it'll be either included in the price or $25 or so more, still shitty. The law school has a weak wireless signal that only works on certain floors of the library and you have to login through the school's program so it charges you money for as long as you are connected. But the charges aren't too terrible; I was on for about an hour and it charged me $.25 or something like that. Still sucks though.

Of my list of things to do in my last post I have:
1) gone to student accommodations and told them how worthless they are;
2) gotten a cell phone, I don't get charged for you calling me I think, but it's int'l so from the US someone would have to dial 011 or something then 02102486075 and then pay something like $2/min = shitty;
3) bought more toothpaste, and sunscreen after I started lobster-fying;
4) meet the british chick in my room, she left the next day and now I have a 4bed room to myself for NZ$20/wk; and
5) decided that NZ beer is not better than Fiji beer, although Guinness is still the best tasting beer in town I've had (Bill said there was a Guinness brewery in Sydney)

I went to the museum in town, it is in the middle of this giant park-like area called Auckland Reserve (i think) and it considered Consecrated Ground. The first floor was alright, some spears and canoes and stuff. The second floor was kinda cool, mostly prehistoric stuff, volcanoes, the ocean life. The third floor was badass, all about the wars NZ has been in, including WWI, WWII, the NZ Wars, and others. There was all kinds of real items from the war including a mauser pistol, fake head used in the trenches, Japanese torpedo, German V-1 (the flying rocket, actually had wings and all like a plane), a Sptifire plane and a Zero.

I also got a hold of Rosslyn who is around somewhere and met a Canadian chick who is in a couple of my classes. Seems like I'm all squared away except for getting a permanent place to live, so I'm off to continue on that trek. Apparently drinking Guinness while watching the NZ vs Aussie cricket match in the local pub with the classifieds in front of me wasn't working. Although it was surprisingly enjoyable, similar to looking for apts in LA and then giving up around 4 to get drinks at the Cock'n'Bull (jonny). later.

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Jonathan Hawkins said...

Apartment hunting is always fun when you check out 1 and then have about 10 reeBs hahahahaha