Oh Boy

Well, I'm here in Auckland. I'm at a hostel right now, so no pictures or lengthy discussions of my journeys yet. I'll just say that I spent 15hrs in Fiji and it was humid. Met a trio of 19yr old Swedish chicks on the way to Fiji, two British sisters in LAX, and a couple of chicks from the US who were at my hotel in Fiji. Also got a business card from an old Kiwi who hated the idea of tipping at the airport bar in Fiji after talking to him for a while, and met a guy in Auckland who played the town organ in his hometown on the south island and now is studying music at the uni.

So far I've had 2 free hotel rooms, 4 showers, 5+ naps, 5 movies, and plenty of sweat sweaty aroma. New agenda:
1) bitch out student accommodations for neither picking me up at the airport nor setting up my accommodations;
2) get a cell phone (handy);
3) buy more toothpaste (TSA took my tube);
4) meet the chick I'm sharing a room with; and
5) see if NZ beer is better than Fiji beer.

I also need to get books for classes, find a place a live for 4 months, and some other small stuff but whatever.

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