still kickin

Hey all, I haven't posted in a while cause I'm poor. WaMu shut off access to my account, thinking it was stolen, so I'm waiting for that to get reset and in the meantime I'm cruising around town with only $10 in my pocket. I've been living off 50cent ice cream cones at McDonalds. Good news is I have an apt with a roommate (from maryland) so he bought some groceries and I've been able to eat a little at home. Can't 'top-up' my phone so I can't make calls, can't buy time on the internet so I'm not on much at all, can't put down a deposit to get internet at the apt so I'm not online there either. I can't even buy textbooks right now. Actually, I have an AMEX I could start using, but don't want to deal with trying to pay the bill from over here so I'm just being cheap.

A lot of walking around town. I live on one corner of the town center and the law school is almost all the way to the opposite corner of town center. It's about 20-25 minute walk but goes up and down a few steep hills so it gets to be tiresome. I have class in 5 minutes, talk to you all later.


Jonathan Hawkins said...

pooor johhny can´t you call wamu and tell them to fix your shit? I was worried the Wells was going to do that to me while I am in Colombia but so far I have had good luck.

John o John said...

Yeah, I tried to call but I'm out of minutes on my prepay phone and can't figure out how to call collect internationally. I got my mama to take care of it though so I'm back!