Hundred Dolla Bills, y'all

Better mood today since my beloved begetters have labored arduously to correct the horrendous predictament WaMu had put me in. I went and took out some cash from the ATM, mostly to pay off part of the debt to my new roommate and some to sign up on campus for some necessaries. Then, with his new wad of rent money, Jake decided we needed to hit the Sky City Casino (where EVERYBODY'S A WINNER!!!). It's about half a block from our apt and about the size of a Reno Casino, not bad but could be trouble later on.

So we roll in and walk the floor a little, peruse the 2cent slot machines, meander past the $10 blackjack, and saunter on upstairs to the poker room. Jake was adamant about wrestling up some no-limit hold'em, but I pulled his reigns back and we settled on a $5/$10 limit table with $2/$5 blinds. The minimum buy-in was $60; good thing I had $63 on me. After about 20minutes of fairly loose playing I found myself committed to the pot with all my chips in on the river. Luckily, however, I won, doubling my original $60 and making me feel pretty good after the near-death experience that is poker loss. Fast forward just an hour and a half and I'm walking out of the casino with $313 - a nice $250 profit for an hour and half's 'work' (I finally feel like a lawyer). Jake ends up raking in another $100 on his original $60 and we go off to hit the town.

Rest of the night filled with unfortunately crowded bars, way-too-drunk 20 year olds, -a free hot dog-, and an hour of pool before grabbing a cornetto and heading home to relax after a long night of victory.

Supposed to go to a law student girl's birthday party tonight on the south side, and fishing in the harbor on Sunday. I'll let you know if anything worthwhile happens... and if nothing does I'll still probably write some BS up here anyway.

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