The party was alright, met some cool people and I got faded so I guess that's all that matters. Fishing was real fun. Although, it wasn't really fishing cause we forgot our IDs and couldn't buy beer for the boat. I caught a couple snappers and threw them back. Meanwhile one of them decided to thrash my hand while I was taking out the hook. Also, I might have tetnis from hooking my thumb a couple times. Got a bit of a burn as well, so now I'm pale white in the middle and bright red on the outsides (like an indian casino).

Won a little, lost a little at the casino again. Taking a break for the week. Problem is I'll go out and have a good time and then it'll get late but not that late and I'll try and think of something to do and I'll come up on the casino just before reaching my apt and decide to pop in for a few games to try and extend the night a little. I'm still up over a couple hundred, but more importantly I've realized that I need to play early evening during the week as opposed to late night on the weekend. I think after only 3 times I'm actually starting to burn out on it so I'll need to find another cheap time-filler besides watching Arrested Development episodes 5 at a time.

Hope things are good back where you are in the states -or if you're lucky enough- outside the states. Still finding too many Americans here in the clubs, and a lot of them are 18 where it's legal to drink here while it is borderline illegal for me to date them in the US. Therein lies my dance-night dichotomy. Classes are good. Don't need to read really, I feel like it is very redundant to read and attend class. Looking forward to the two-week Easter break they have out here. Going to head to the South Island for a few weeks (nevermind the discrepancies in lengths) and see all that I can. Jake (the roommate), found a deal to rent an RV for $1/day as long as we pick it up in Christchurch and return it to Auckland. We're not sure how long we can rent it for at that price, but hopefully a significant length of time.

Send me suggestions of what I should do while I'm out here 'cause I have plenty of time on my hands right now.


Max A said...

hey hey Jib hope your doing good.

John o John said...

doing alright, had a little too much wine last night, but other than that doing good. Eating a lot of steaks cause they're real cheap here so that can't be bad. Hope Cali is treating you guys good.