I Am Legend


So I saw a trailer for this about a week ago, I guess. I'm hoping it's a good movie. I think this is the third remake of this movie. Originally there was I Am Legend, then Vincent Price in Last Man on Earth, then Charleton Heston in Omega Man, and now this one. I hope that's right, just trying to go off memory. I never saw the original but the other two were pretty good.

[edit update: I checked on wikipedia and they said that the Vincent Price version was the original screen adaptation of Matheson's book. I thought I remembered a low budget version being done somewhere in the ten year span between publishing and Last Man on Earth, but I guess not. If you'd like to watch that one, it is in the public domain so you can watch it here. I gotta warn ya though, it's from 1964 so the pace is slow and 'action' wasn't quite what it's like today. Still, I enjoyed watching it. Also, while Matheson refused to have his name on it because of the diversion from his story, it is much closer to the original tale than Omega Man is.]

Also, I'd like to say that I passed my Determination of Moral Character for the BAR. Apparently none of my previous transgressions were evil enough to prevent me from being a lawyer. I am still awaiting the date to find out if I passed the test. I fly into Chicago the day before, so I'll be able to look for jobs there immediately in case I don't pass!


Clay said...

I'd like to cast my vote as Omega Man being the best version of this story. I'm hoping this version is good, but Will Smith without Kevin James isn't a movie I want to watch.

John o John said...

True. If only every vampire/undead in this movie was played by Kevin James. Or maybe, if Will Smith's dog was played by Kevin James. Then this would be a sure hit.