another month, another update

whats going on everyone?



I guess no one is out there. Anyway, Halloween is coming up. Not a bad holiday. I don't really like the candy, or the kids, or the dressing up, but I really enjoy all the horror movies on TV. See, something for everyone to enjoy.

Nothing new for me. Waiting for the BAR results still. Sounds like everyone out in IN did well. I've been thinking about where I'm going to live. I don't think I can live in the Sacramento area. My options seem to be LA, the Bay Area (i.e. San Jose/SF), or up in Humboldt. We'll see what happens.

Happy holidays.


Clay said...

Well, there's always Chicago. (especially if it ends up you didn't pass the Cali bar!)

Jonathan Hawkins said...

Come down here, we still have Seths room open.

~kristen said...

i've already convince fisher that seattle is far superior to any other loc - one more doesn't hurt!