So it's been a couple weeks. I've only posted a couple times on my south island trip (that was two months ago). And now I'm going to go on an even longer little break from wasting my time online. I will be back, it should be good, but now I have to attend to this matter of the BAR.

I finished all my classes at Auckland. I have been graduated from IU for a month or so (even though they graduated me with only 77 credits and 88 are required for a law degree). I have passed at least one class so far at U of A, still awaiting the rest of them but I'm fairly certain there is no chance of me failing any of them. After finals I took a short trip to Sydney, it was a good time, I'll have to post some pics when I get back online. I had a 43hr Thursday on June 28th. 28hrs of which I spent in airports or on planes. At 1:30pm I was in the Auckland airport and at 1:30pm 19hrs later I was in LAX. So now I'm back in Loomis and it is hot. Soon to be real hot. Using dial up connections to access the internet. Spending hours upon hours listening to this bar/bri ipod thing, trying to catch up at a reasonable speed without missing anything. But, come July 26th, I'll be done with the Bar and continuing on the job search.

Wish me luck, see you all in August, email me if ya want.

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Fisher said...

Glad you made it back alive and congrats on hopefully finishing up on your college career for good. Hope to see you this weekend at the reception in Lompton.