Nobody Said it was Easy

The Bar... oh, the Bar. For some it's a nice place to relax after a long day of working (or napping) and grab a brew. For others its a long metal thing that hurts when it hits your head. And yet for the unfortunate few it is a grueling 3 day (2 day for the weak) test of endurance meant to test your deodorant, ability to stay awake, and patience of having to sit in a large auditorium with 800 pompous former law students. It sucks. Hopefully it'll be easier when I take it again in February.

But I kid, I kid. I think I passed. Maybe there's some superstitious thing where I'm not supposed to make conjectures about what may or may not be. Sure, and I'm not supposed to use my married name until after the ceremony. Still, I feel pretty good about it. I looked around the room, talked to some people, noticed how many people went to McGeorge Law School and safely surmised that I did not fall into the 30% of those people who were not smart enough to pass on the first try. We'll see though, maybe I am down there.

But now, there's a little matter of attaining gainful employment that I must tend to. I'll take helpful suggestions.


Jonathan Hawkins said...

You can always stay in Seth's closet hahahaha

Fisher said...

Hope the results are good. I'm sure there's only something like 8 torturous months of waiting before they get them to you. Heaven forbid these sort of life-changing events happen in a timely manner :) Good luck with the job hunt.