"I'm pearly like the whites of your eyes"

Here's some pics from around town. Most of these are places I pass whenever I go to school.

This is the Auckland Harbour area. This is just one wharf or dock or whatever it's called. There is a viaduct area with a lot of bars but you can't get in with shorts so I'll have to wait until it's colder to go...

This is looking down Victoria St towards Albert Park. These are the stones that were in the picture last post. I walk up to them and start heading left. You probably can't tell from the pic, but if you go straight past the stones the path goes up like 30feet very quickly, sucks to walk.

I took this pic from the overpass on the Motorway. Obviously, Sky Tower is the big building; tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Below it, the red pagoda-shaped building is the Choice Plaza hostel that I stayed in the first couple weeks.

I like the name of this company/building. You may have to click on it to read the name well.

If you've seen my facebook profile or badge on the side here then you've seen this billboard. It's pretty funny. It is in front of St Matthew-in-the-city (wierd name for a church). This is on the southeast corner of Wellesley and Hobson (about a half block from my apt on the way to town/school). Across the street at the same intersection is the Sky City Casino and on the opposite corner is the Albion Hotel/Bar - good company for a church.

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