Life Lessons Learned by Loofah

'Is this life moving too slow or too fast?
'Should we be so eager to separate ourselves from our past?
'Should we be among the sated or the one who contends?'
The echo off the perfectly tiled walls rings truer than the broadcaster intends.
Uneven cascades of water bemuddle every nth syllable,
Distorting even more the elusive moral of this parable.
'Is it true that "like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives"?
'Or can we hope that by some gorgon's head the sand can paralyze?
'As the clock continues to turn, our wick continues to burn,
'Neither slowing, oblivious to what we yearn.
'Knowing, as we do, that the constant of time will remain true,
'Would it not be folly to disregard the perks of acceptance to you?
'To disregard the facts and pretend that your life is left to chance,
'Will only ensure your inevitable position in an uncertain happenstance.'
For a moment it seems as though steam has clouded my mind as well as vision,
Then through the mist comes clarity, an onward approaching apparition.
Eagerly awaiting further oration, I cautiously pause my loofah activities.
'We should concede to the circumstances of our existence with all our abilities.
'It is not wrong to be mindful of death's premonition,
'But it is to life that you make this beautiful concession.'

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