No more Windows for this sad man

Well now I've done it. I somehow became too close and personal with some crappy spy/adware demon named softwareprotector. Avoid at all costs. I seem to have gotten it, from all places, by looking at a pdf on a green energy website detailing how to make a personal wind generator. That's what I get.

Anyway, I just did an entire reformat and reinstall since the system was getting worse and worse. Hopefully this had made my hard drive more sterile than free hypodermic needles from the city. I am now running Linux (and yes, I am just a poser, but at least it looks like I'm putting forth an effort).


This is what I'm using. It works pretty well (after 1 day of use). I only had to pop into my Bios for one little fix concerning my wireless card and most everything else has been working swimmingly. We'll see if it sticks.

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