New Blog set up

I've decided to create a side-blog. It probably won't be up and actually going for a couple months but I figured I'd announce it here.


I wanted to create something that wasn't just what's going on in my personal business, but more of a forum to discuss things that are actually useful/interesting. The goal is to help make life easier and more fulfilling via a utilitarianism outlook. I want to provide posts that provide insight into the way things work, particularly with the law, and how common behaviors are wasting time, money, and other resources. But rather than just complain, I want to post ideas, concepts, and methods of maximizing gain while minimizing sunk costs and other losses.

I'd appreciate post ideas, comments, etc. If you want to actively post you can let me know and I'll make you an administrator. Right now it's just up with one post regarding Lessig's new book. I'm going to want to adjust all the ascetics of the page, but not sure how yet. And like I said, it won't really be active for another month.

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Elani said...

You write very well.