Panic in the Streets! (or maybe it's branches)

Big storm hit here in Californ-I-A, as some of you may know. I braved the streets and made my commute to work in the morning. It was pretty grizzly, almost tore apart my umbrella in the "hurricane-like" winds. I resorted to pointing it straight at the wind to use it as a cow plow. Then I get to my desk and notice it is darker than usual. Ah, the power is out and only every 7th overhead light is on. About 30 minutes later I was heading home, wishing I had called in or just not shown up (doubt anyone would have noticed). Street lights were broken and swinging and twisting on their poles. The placards with the street names on them were falling into the streets. Trees were laying in the street and roads were flooding over. And of course, people still sped past me while talking on their cell phones. God Bless America. It made me want a Gordita.

When I got home the power had just gone out in the house (about 11am Friday). Power didn't come on until sometime late Saturday night so I spent the weekend over at Red's - had to watch the redskins play terribly. Even though it appears the storm has passed, it's still a hard time for us. Supplies are running low and we can barely get out of our driveway because of all the little branches in the way; someone needs to sweep it for us. Where is FEMA when you need them?! Send donations please.

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Fisher said...

hahaha, my mom sent me some pictures from the storm, apparently 3 or 4 trees blew over on their property, like big ass oak trees. Now your storm has made its way to Utah, I woke up with 8"+ of snow covering my driveway and it was still coming down when I left for work!!