Scrump, Scrump, Scrump it up!

One possible solution to my most recent gripe may be found in this little fella down here. Scrumpy, as you can see, is 'strong cider' like Hornsby or Woodchuck but with a little more bite. It comes in roughly 42oz bottles and is 8.2%, so it's like drinking a St Ides but tastes a little better. The best part is that it's only $8.50 at most locations that sell it. Since they determine a 'standard drink' in NZ to be something like 330mL at about 4% they consider this guy to be 8 standard drinks, meaning I'm back at around $1 per drink, but not having to suck down 90oz of high calorie beverages to get the same effect. One of these is enough to share and have a pleasurable night. We'll see if I can put up with the sweetness enough to continue on with this guy.

Of course, I don't want any of you thinking that I've settled complacently for the ill ale situation out here. I still long for the much more amicable/sensible/placating alcohol atmosphere of America. Not saying that I partake too often, but when one does one should be able to have a pleasurable and mostly painless evening rather than a complicated and costly night. I know that I will be happy to return to the states for several reasons, this being one. Until then, I'll just try my best to Shine On.


Fisher said...

Can a brother get an Old E out there or something. I mean $8.50 for 42oz of 8.2%??? Old E Ice 800 is 40oz of 8.5% pure malt liquor for the low low price of about $2. You can't beat the states!

John o John said...

no you can't. But a man has to try, and that's the best this town has going for it right now, unfortunately. Long Live the U.S.

Jonathan Hawkins said...

Shine down or Die!!!