"Been a long time, long time, ugh, shouldn't've left you (queue clicking and baby noises)"

Hey, I haven't posted in a real long time. I've been feeling bad about not posting about my South Island trip, but I've finally labelled and organized all my photos so I'm ready to go. Unfortunately, I may only get one post up for a while, since I'm gonna have a real busy next couple of weeks (at the law school now so I can't put up any photos). Yes, believe it or not, I am still in classes. Thursday is my final day of classes. I have a final exam tomorrow afternoon in between classes. Then I'll have a full week off next week and my other finals will be the following wed/mon/wed in the two weeks after that. Then, I will finally be graduated AND done with school. This is the end of my studies (...or is it)

But besides being busy with school and studying, my buddy from just about the first day of my schooling is coming out to see the last day of my schooling. He's coming out tomorrow morning at 6am-ish. We're gonna muck around town for the week. Then go see the All Blacks take on France Saturday. Should be great game. Apparently the All Blacks are first in the rankings this year with France ranked #2. Then we're going to rent a car and do a quick tour of the north island.

I'll be back stateside June 28th. The California Bar is July 24th+. Here's wishing me luck on that. I'll try to get one posting at least up today to start the south island trip photos, and then whenever I have a chance and want a study break I'll do another one. I will get them all done before I get stateside. It was a good trip. I might be spending a few days in Australia before I fly back, but that depends on funds and how I feel. It will be good to be back home. That is, until I have to drive through the Roseville traffic again.

[the title was supposed to be that Timberland & Alaiyah song]

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