High Plains Drifter gets kicks on route 66

Alright, here's the post from my second day of travel: OK City to Flagstaff, AZ. 865 miles and 13 hours of a not so good time. I went all the way through the pan handle of Texas and all of Mexico Nuevo to get to Arizona. This day took extra long because visibility throughout Texas was about a half mile most of the time due to fog. Then all of the New Mexico freeway system appears to be under construction.

This is from the Oklahoma or Texas, really whats the difference up in that region where they meet. It was flat.
Here was New Mexico as the sun was going down, not a bad drive if you can stay out of the road construction. These pictures are all taken while driving so they aren't the best quality. The last couple days of driving I was going through Indiana territory. Cheyenne, Mohave, etc. It was awfully nice of the US gov't to give the flattest, dryest, most unusable part of the country to those who were here first. I saw a sign along the highway for a free 72oz steak if you can eat it in an hour. I was tempted, but I felt like I needed my health for the drive to come.

13 hours is a long day, but the worst part of each day was the 3 to 5 hours. It's a time when you aren't really into the mode of long-driving but you don't still have the awareness you do when you are just starting the day. That's the time to pull over, fill up the tank and get a nice burger. In Texas I got a chicken fried steak sandwich that was pretty good.

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