Westward Ho!

Here is the approximate path to Cali with proposed stops (de minimis). I might shorten days depending on what happens or how I feel after driving 6 hours in the desert, but the days won't get any longer than this. From Albuquerque heading west, I will have a decision to make in Barstow where the 40 hits the 15. I can take the 15 south to the 10 and go to LA, then from there the final day will be heading up North (but I might have to go around the Grapevine which will add hours). Or, I can take 58 through the Tehachapi Pass and head up to Loomis (via Sacramento) that way. If I choose to take the Pass I'll have to find a stop in Barstow or possibly Bakersfield or Kingman, AZ.

I am planning on leaving on the 7th of Feb, giving myself an entire week to make it before I miss my flight. Each leg of the path from East to West according to Google maps is about 9.5hrs, 9.5hrs, and 11hrs respectively. If they actually do take that long I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping early, but it depends on how it goes. Aside from LA, I also want to make sure I get into town at a reasonable time to check in to a motel. So if I leave at 10am, I should get in at around 8pm.

I think it'll work.

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Cameron said...

Go North, a food story started that way...

We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.